Can Anyone Learn To Do Remote Viewing?

Everyone Has This Inborn Ability, It Just Requires Some Training
In Resonance and Sensing Skills

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The question often comes up: can anyone learn to do remote viewing? The answer is "yes." Just like musical ability, everyone has some of it. A few people are virtuosos while most people can at least hum a tune. And those who practice, regardless of what stage they begin at, tend to get better at it.

Resonant sensing, upon which remote viewing is based, is something that is built into all of us. We all have the ability to sense gut feelings, intution, and "hunches." However, our training from the schools and institutions we've been a part of, for the most part, have trained us not to listen to these subtle informational sources. The information that comes from from our subconscious minds often appears as a mere whisper. It's not a loud voice and can easily be ignored.

So we have a tendency to shut out these type of subconscious of signals because they are very weak in contrast to our noiser "talking mind:" the voice in our head that won't shut up.

So while we all have to ability to sense information from non-local sources, it takes some training to learn what it sounds and feels like, and how to pay attention to it. That's where the instruction comes in. It helps to show you the difference between the information coming from your conscious mind, the "monkey mind" as some call it, and your subconscious mind. While the former is loud, the latter is a good deal quieter.

After a bit of training, you'll be able to sense with some degree of accuracy whether the signal you're picking up in your awareness is signal or noise. That's the key thing: to be able to separate signal from noise. And the more you can lower your internal noise level, the more signal you can pick up. It's a bit like tuning in an old-fashioned radio with a mechanical dial. You have to listen for the signal.

Once you've learned how to pay attention to your subtle mind you'll be able to sense and describe non-local, "distant" targets, locations, and events. So in a way, the main key to remote viewing is learning how to listen to yourself with a high degree of awareness.

All of us are part of the larger quantum field of energy and information that constitute our universe. Just like every drop of water on Earth participates in the same hydrological cycle that supports the oceans and atmosphere, so our bodies and consciousness are made up of the same energy that forms the universal quantum field.

For this reason, everyone has the ability to do remote viewing. It's a just a case of whether they want to take the time to learn how to listen to the information flow emanating from their subconscious minds. From there it's just a matter of time before they "get it." In all the people I've worked with and trained over the years, I've still never met anyone who in my view couldn't learn how to view. I think this ability is built into us, just as our organs and physical senses are.

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