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"Your course is amazing and life altering! The new students will have the most amazing experiences in their lives. You're so very talented in remote viewing and as a master teacher." Margo B.--Insight student 

 "I am going to try and restrain my enthusiasm. Yesterday was the first day I started the actual work with viewing targets and I feel life is completely different now . . . It has given me an incredible sense of peace - it's like a strange knowing I've had my whole life  - But now I can prove it to myself! It doesn't even matter to me what other people think - because I know.  What an incredible gift you are giving people by teaching this — my only confusion is why isn't this more widespread??  I cannot fathom how I will feel a month a year or two from now." — Kathy, Insight student

"This is my first experience doing this and it's incredible to say the least. I believe in the possibilities of RV but my jaw just about dropped after doing video #6. This is a totally awesome experience……WOW!! Everyone needs to try this." — Paul V., Insight student

"This Remote Viewing course is awesome!"– Mary T., Insight student

Dr. Hein’s virtual viewing class is a blast! It showed me a cool, new way to use my mind. I never would have believed I could do this.”— Melissa C., Insight student

Here's What You Get

100 You get LIFETIME membership to the Virtual Viewing Insight membership site and a 100-percent satisfaction "no questions asked" guarantee. And you get to keep ALL the audios, downloadable materials and bonuses as my gift to you if you keep the course or not!
email Email support so your questions get answered quickly. (You get my private email address.)
email Special access to member-only Q&A forum
world 21 easy-to-follow Virtual Viewing instructional videos with Dr. Hein guiding you every step of the way . . . plus bonus practice sessions so you can learn how to view fast. These are jam-packed with the exact same techniques and tips from my live classes, that show you how to access your natural resonant abilities.
ar Bonus #1, Aural Resonance "Breath of God" MP3 Download--This sound turns any office or bedroom space into a temple with its beautiful and calming resonance. One of the top five healing sounds of all time (according to Sounds True).
audio Bonus #2, downloadable copy of my famous book Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles, and Resonance. Learn about remote viewing, space, time, crop circles, ETs, and other exciting topics!

More Creativity = Greater Abundance

Recent economic research shows that a country's overall level of creativity is directly linked to its economic growth and overall happiness of its people. In other words, where you have more creativity, people also make more money and are happier. Creative people also tend to rely more heavily on their intuition, than people who more narrowly and logically.

And there's even more recent evidence from Columbia Business School showing that people who are more in touch with their feelings and intuition, make more accurate predictions about the future. For example, in predicting the direction of the stock market, they are 25 percent more accurate than people who are not intuitive.


  teri "Virtual viewing is like having a new pair of eyes. It allows your mind to function beyond the capabilities of any current technology. Dr. Hein is an amazing teacher and communicator his meticulous attention to the details of this process make this an absolute must for anyone who wants to succeed in life."
-- Teri, Certified Hypnotist, owner/director of


  testimonial "There is nothing like a viewing class with Simeon to help you tap into your full potential. Highly recommended." --Lorraine, Olympic marathon runner, medal winner and author.  

Tap Your Bigger Potential

You probably don't think you can do this. But recent studies have shown that our subconscious minds store a lot more information than is available to our conscious minds, on the order of 1,000,000 to 1! Wouldn't it be great if you could access all this "hidden information" that's lodged somewhere in your mind.

Well, now you can. Easily, spontaneously, and naturally.

Look, I wouldn't have spent all this time putting this together for you if I didn't think you would get a lot out of it. I did this is for you. And the truth is, you can do it. I've put together my best tips, tricks, and techniques from over fifteen years of teaching and research to help get the most out of this online class. I've trained with some of the best remote viewers in the world and now I'M SHARING ALL THIS KNOWLEDGE WITH NOTHING HELD BACK. This is the real thing!


  image "Simeon far exceeded my expectations. This class was just terrific! We made PHENOMENAL target contact. It was wonderful."--Elisa Brown, musician and vocalist (comments from live NYC viewing class)

Take a look at some of these examples and see for yourself. With a little training, you can learn to do this too,
wherever you are. Look below to see some RV drawings from TOTAL BEGINNERS (the photos were completely
hidden from the viewers beforehand.)

Actual Sessions

1 2
3 4
5 6
"Secret" Hidden Picture
Viewers' Drawings

  v1 "Remote viewing gave me to confidence to go into the unknown and come back. It's astonishing!"--Ron Russell, artist and lecturer  

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Here's what you'll discover:

8 How to easily and naturally tap into your built-in "Super Mind"!
7 How to activate your hidden senses and natural powers of insight and intuition
6 How to view, sense, and accurately describe distant people, places, and events!
6 Learn how to move your mind around in space and time, simply using the power of thought and the magic of resonance
6 Connect to a feeling of "flow" and spontaneity with your intuition and creativity


Discover Your Inner Intelligence

There is no other way to put it: the viewing process can feel like magic. Maybe it is. You are capable of drawing and describing pictures, locations, and people you have never seen before. The information almost emerges mysteriously, as if you had a hidden genius in your mind, just waiting to serve you.

You'll really discover just how truly intelligent you really are. You'll begin to feel like a finely-tuned car. Can you really afford not to be running on all cylinders? Take action now and activate your natural superpowers.

  testimonial "I used to have this problem with losing my keys all the time. I went through the course and found it really helpful. I use the same process in viewing as I use to find my keys and it's changed my life! It's awesome." --Mary, U.S.A. Virtual Viewing Student  

What You'll Learn

You get scientifically-designed instructional audios and videos plus super-useful bonuses that walk you through everything you need to know, step-by-step, to do expert viewing plus understand how and why it works. This is advanced material so be prepared to experience some really astounding mental breakthroughs.


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Start Learning Right Now

New! Start learning for only one payment of $197. That's only $3.28 per day, less than the cost of a cup of a latte and the results will last a lifetime. If you're not happy, just send me an email telling me to cancel your payment and you'll pay nothing. It's that easy!

I personally paid over $12,000 to work with the top viewing experts, and spent almost two decades, to learn these exact same techniques I am going to teach you. However, the cost for the complete Virtual Viewing Insight 2.0 class is just one payment of $197 with instant access and you get to download all the materials!

Once you've signed up, even before your receive your password, you'll get immediate access to an hour-long audio of one of my recent resonant viewing lectures! You'll learn a TON. I promise.

Here's What To Do Next

Three Important Qualifications Before You Sign Up:

Number One:
You have to make a promise that you will follow the techniques I teach to the letter. You must be wiling to rigorously adhere to actually watching all the videos and doing all the assignments. Nobody gets in without this assurance.

Number Two
: The material contained in this accelerated course is the most advanced and confidential I've ever shared - and there's no way I'm going to let some unscrupulous person rip it off. That's why you promise not to copy or distribute the course materials without my prior permission. DO NOT SHARE this powerful material with anyone.

Number Three: You must agree to use the powerful techniques taught in the course in an ethical, positive, and responsible way.

Virtual Viewing Sign Up: You'll get access to all the instructional and practice videos plus all bonuses listed above. There are over 21 streaming, downloadable video and audio modules plus bonuses. You also get my private email address and my personal one-year "money-back" iron-clad guarantee.

"Yes, Dr. Hein! I can't wait to start expanding my intuition and subtle energy sensing powers with this great price offer. I agree to follow all instructions given in the course and to apply to information in the videos to the best of my ability.

I understand that I'll get some great bonuses including the Aural Resonance "Breath of God" sound, and the Opening Minds eBook and much more.

I also realize that the course comes with a complete 60-day guarantee and that I will pay nothing, no questions asked, if I cancel or if I don't like the course for any reason. And I get to keep all the course materials and bonuses even if I ask for refund."

As Soon As You Sign-Up You Will Also Be Given Instant Access To A Bonus One-Hour Audio Introduction To Remote Viewing And How It Works

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All of the above, only one payment of $197.

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  testimonial "The neat thing about this is the excitement . . . It's new, it's fresh. . . You get goosebumps . . . Anybody can do this, so go for it! " --Maria, U.S.A. Virtual Viewing Student



Here's What Students Said of Dr. Hein's Viewing Trainings

"The Insight class is very appropriate and effective as a entry level course.  I really like the way you present it. You make it fun and non-threatening." --Gary G., Virtual Viewing Student

"Priceless"--Sandra A. Virtual Viewing Student

"I liked how the class was set up. Dr. Hein is a charismatic and knowledgeable presenter with a good grasp of RV and the subtleties of the subtle energies. Thank you for the awesome class, Dr. Hein. Your resonant viewing class overall was an amazing experience! " --Mark W., Virtual Viewing student

"The Virtual Viewing class had some very 'exciting' moments. This was a wonderful class and I loved it. Thank you Dr. Hein." --Kristina P., Virtual Viewing student

Your course is extraordinarily fun. Not pretentious, not aloof, just right on cue with what is pertinent for one to have a better understanding of RV. Thanks." --Sandy S., Virtual Viewing student

"Dr Hein's Virtual Viewing class is a blast! It showed me a whole new way to use my mind."--Melissa C., Virtual Viewing student

"It is such a joyful process, nothing to fear, everything to gain." -J. Los Angeles, CA

"Dr. Hein, your rediscovery has now made me 100% confident in my own mind. " A.K.

"Just want to say "wow"- my first viewing was about 96% accurate!" T.J.

"This was a wonderful, fun, mind expanding course. Simeon is a wonderful sharer, with a light touch." - R., Boulder, CO

"I loved this course; I did not know human beings were capable of this. Everything was a learning experience that I am grateful for. I confronted my inner self and am more whole because of this experience . . . Very powerful and truthful . . . " - Dan, Greeley, CO

"Simeon is a very informative and open-minded teacher." - Arnie, Boulder, CO

"I think you do a great job. It was potentially intimidating and 'performance-fear' ridden, but you made it very comfortable and non-judgemental. And natural." - Robin, Santa Fe, NM

"I like the way the course stretched my mind and made me go into 'non-think.' I became aware of how very controlling my conscious mind is, and how very important and essential it is to learn how to release that control. I really liked the introductory part which explains how it all works. I like being involved with Resonant Viewing because it is cutting edge stuff. Everyone can and should develop this faculty. I really liked Dr. Hein's upbeat, positive attitude, the encouragement he offers . . ."-- Alice, Palm Springs, CA

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